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Diamonds have been treasured gemstones at least as far back as ancient India where they were used as religious icons. Most natural diamonds have ages between one billion to a little over three and a half billion years. Most were formed deep in the Earth's mantle, under high pressure and temperature.

Diamonds can be produced synthetically in a high pressure, high temperature method inside a lab, where the equipment used approximately simulates the Earth's mantle. An alternate and completely different way of creating diamonds is the chemical vapor deposition technique.

Cubic Zirconia and Silicon Carbide resemble diamonds in appearance and other properties, and due to these "imposters", special techniques have been developed to help tell the difference between natural, synthetic, and diamond simulates.

Dust, on the other hand, is less than worthless - it can be bothersome, expensive and time consuming to remove, and can even be hazardous. Dust is typically a fine particle that comes from sources such as fires, soil, volcanic eruptions, and pollution. From Dust To Diamonds.

From Dust To Diamonds
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